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TDB factory of high precision horizontal CNC turning centers offers massive machining capacity and high production capability. Planning includes the instruments to be used, the need and frequency of in-process inspections, process certificate verification, as well as final inspection requirements. We understand the incredible responsibility you entrust upon us when manufacturing your mission-critical components and the safety of the people that depend upon them.

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Process Inspection

A process engineer or quality technician generates CMM programming to read and verify critical component markers established by our engineering evaluation process. Machined parts or assemblies rest upon or are affixed to the stationary granite measurement table, or held in place by use of a fixture.

The CMM probe travels on the Z, Y, and X-axis precisely interacting with the part as the PC-DMIS programming dictates, recording every marker and bringing alert if an issue is present. Machining parameter adjustments quickly result when observing variation in the machining process. The CMM testing process successfully measures and verifies even the most complicated part geometry.

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Outgoing Random Check

Machined Feature Inspection:
External and internal dimensions, external and internal geometry, boring, counterboring, countersinking, drilling, facing, gear hobbing, internal forming, knurling, milling, necking, parting, pocketing, profiling, reaming, shoulder facing, spline, tapping, threading (external, internal), turning (contour, form, taper, straight), thread milling, surface finishing, and other features as specified

Equipment Brands:
Hexagon, ROMER, Mitutoyo, Starrett, and various others – Please refer to our Equipment List for CMM and Romer Arm information and capabilities.

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Our Certificate

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ISO 9001:2015 Certificate


SGS Material Check


Material Mill Sheet


What our clients have to say

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After years of struggling to source quality agriculture parts from machine shops around the world that were not up to the job, I finally tried TDB and was immediately happy I did. The quality of the parts are the best I have ever seen, the price is competitive, they take pride in their work and the customer service is outstanding. And crucially, if there is an issue with some parts, the thorough QC procedures pick up the problem and the issue is rectified without me ever having to worry about it.

Leroy Jones

Chef marketing

I took a risk using TDB, as I hadn’t used them before. I sent them some very challenging, high-tolerance, CNC machined parts (some with machining from six sides), with some really small details.
We were blown away by the quality and accuracy of the parts. Bob was quick to respond to my emails, well into the night, and we received the parts back in a short timeframe. We really couldn’t have been happier with the service. I would gladly recommend them to anyone.

Daisy Morgan

Engineer Officer

We have been ordering CNC parts from TDB for over 5 years. Their quality and services are way better than what we can get from the other Vietnamese CNC machine shops. We always receive a fast quotation after we send through RFQs. Normally, within 12 hours or shorter which helps a lot. The projects we receive from TDB, both materials and geometry are always 100% matched every time. We are more than happy to stick to their services in long term.

Betty Hill

Social Media

We came across TDB when the first time we try to outsource CNC machining parts from Vietnam. They came back with a price, lead time, and suggestions in 5 hours. Seriously, I was shocked by their fast reaction and professional idea to improve the design. First-order was running super smoothly. We have been working with them for a lot of projects now. Their quality is always as expected or even better, and they deliver every project on the dot as well as good communication. I won’t hesitate to recommend TDB to any of my friends if they need CNC parts.

Robert Junior

CEO and Founder