Connection opening stream in KF

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Connection opening stream in KF

Connection opening stream in KF or have other names such as standing face, blank face with welding hole, welding drum face, welding face cap. The product is manufactured into a microorganism server, which is an accessory foot that is not used in industry. Produced by TDB Hanoi directly at the factory. With ISO, JIS, DIN, AISI standards.

1. Masking point structure

Special point:
Easy disassembly and quick assembly by hand without the use of KF or NW holders including two flanges, washers, rubber seals and an aluminum frame or unchanged clamp with a connecting guide wire. fast and fast connection.
Uniform pressure to connect the KF/NW flange’s 15° vacuum-cone seal allows the highest pressure to compress the rubber ring, held in place by a metal center ring, by clamp to create a foot buffer .
Quality and Size
Plane, space, connection: SS304 Material
Clamp: aluminum aluminum or SS 304
Rubber washers: Rubber, plastic materials
Size: KF10 ~ KF160, Standard JIS: NW10 ~ NW100

TDB Hanoi Co., Ltd specializes in providing fabricated products, especially, fabricated steels in the manufacturing industry.

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